Garbage Pickup/Put away

Hover Ridge Community trash pickup day is on Wednesdays.  Please make sure that the trash cans are stored back in your garages no later than Wednesday night.  Trash bins are not to be kept outside.

Smoke Alarm Program

The Longmont Fire Department cares about your safety. Every home should be protected with smoke alarms.

Longmont Fire Services will assist residents with smoke detectors.   Call  (303) 651-8501.

Services provided:

  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors for those unable to safely access smoke detector units (such as the elderly, disabled or people who have vaulted ceilings).
  • Provide and install battery operated smoke detectors for those unable to afford to purchase their own.
  • Provide advice for the choosing the location of a new detector.
  • Check functionality of existing smoke detectors.

Smoke Alarm Program

Dryer Vents

When is the last time you thought about your dryer vent?  Few people realize the lint from your clothes ends up not only in the lint trap but also flows into the dryer vent where it accumulates over time.  Highly combustible lint combined with excessive temperatures from the dryer is a recipe for  Dryer Fires.

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